Dear Shotzie,
Two years ago your were brought back to Heaven. Although we’re happy you are not in pain anymore and you’re playing around in fields of green with your friends, we want you to know how much we miss you. You have been away for two years, but it seems like it’s been forever, and then it seems like you just left. You touched so many lives when you were here, especially mine. When I think about all the losses I have experienced in my life,losing you was among the most heart wrenching. Of all the beautiful souls that I have come to know and love, you are at the top. I love you forever and some day we will be together in Heaven. My precious little Angel, Pumpkin Pie, and Love Bug, I will never let go. However, even though your in Heaven, we are still connected through Jesus.
With all our love, Mommy, Daddy, Bubble Gum, Dwight.