To our precious Shotzie,
Today would have been your 14th birthday! Even though you’re in Heaven, you are also with mommy, daddy, bubblegum, Dwight, and everyone who loved you.Happy Birthday our precious little baby! Today I am enclosing a picture of you and mommy when we were in New Hampshire back in the summer of 2015. We had such a beautiful time that weekend on the Saco River, and this picture was near Loon Mountain on the way home. Thank you our little Love Bug, Baby Boy, and Pumpkin Pie for all the love you brought into our lives. We’ll always be together our precious little baby boy! We also want to let Ella know how much we love her too! She’s in Heaven with you our little precious one. Please let Ella know how much we love and miss her too. We love you both very much!
Happy Birthday our dear and precious, Shotzie!
Mommy, Daddy, Bubblegum, Dwight, Molly, Duke, and everyone who knew you!