To our precious son, Shotzie!
Today is a very special day, Shotzie – it’s Easter, but it’s also your Birthday! To have your birthday take place on Easter is very special – Mommy and Daddy lit a candle and prayed for you at church today. Mommy and Daddy also prayed for us to be together forever and ever. On this same day that Jesus rose from the dead, you were born. Mommy and Daddy knew that we were blessed when God brought you into our lives – you were a gift and you were pure love. Today, 14 years ago, a star was born and it lit up the whole sky with your name, Shotzie, written across it, Our Treasure, Love Bug, Pumpkin Pie, Handsome Man, Baby Boy, Ushka, we love you so much that not even time or space can keep us apart – we connect through Jesus and we’ll soon be in Heaven with you. Happy Birthday our precious son, Shotzie! With eternal Love, Mommy, Daddy, Bubble Gum and Dwight.