“The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.” … Bridget Willoughby
I remember the first day we met sweet Sheena. At first she was a little unsure but within minutes she was wagging her tail and greeting us like we were long lost friends. From then on, every greeting from this gentle soul was with a smile, a tail wag, a showing off of a new toy, and of course, that gentle kiss of “hi, where you been?”.
Sheena lived a great life with her new forever home. She fought the hard fight of battling cancer her last two years. Even when she wasn’t feeling her best, she always had that same greeting. This saying rings true for Sheena. This is what she provided, not just for her forever moms, but for everyone’s life that she touched.
Here is a picture of Sheena on a road trip with her family. Forever missed Miss Sheena Bean…