Meggy and I were the “Golden Girls”; I because of my age and Meg because she was a wonderful Golden Retriever. While I loved all my dogs, Meggy was so, so special. She was my heart. Yes, she was very, very sweet and loving, but she was much more than that. She melted the heart of everyone she met.
Meg especially loved little girls. I had a large statue of an angel in my bedroom and Meggy thought she was a real little girl. She would wag her tall and kiss her hands and while I was at work she laid at the feet of her angel-girl.
After I retired she and I went everywhere and did everything together. We were so in sync. She loved swimming and going to the parks. Everyday of her twelve and a half years was a blessing for which I am eternally grateful.
I miss Meg more than there are words and tears. I hope that she has found her angel-girl in heaven and that there is a huge swimming pool for my wonderful Golden Girl.