I’ve loved all of my dogs madly but Lizzie was different. Our bond was immediate, like we were locked together from the first time I saw her when she jumped into my car from a rescue transport. She was only 1 year old and a delightful bundle of joy and smiles. Lizzie was such an attentive and responsive little girl and the most skilled hunter/stalker of all my 14 pointers. Even though she weighed only 33 pounds, she was also in charge of my packs over her 8 years with me. Such a sweet, steady, subtle little Alpha. Lizzie had no concept of naughty or bossy. And so loving. She slept under the covers, in the crook of my arm, every single night and snuggled when she wasn’t running or stalking. Lizzie developed an intestinal sarcoma when she was only 8 and had successful surgery to remove it. She did so well with oral chemo for 10 months and ultrasounds that showed nothing. I was sure she would be a happy little girl for many months. And then it returned in her stomach. This tumor was inoperable so we did the best we could with holistic treatments. Little Lizzie was such a trooper, not wanting to give up, running and hunting for another 5 months. Right up until the day before she looked at me with those soulful, brown eyes, saying it was time, Lizzie wanted to be out stalking, keeping an eye on rabbits and squirrels. She has left such a strong imprint on me and my other 4 dogs, even on the house. She will be everywhere with us at home and on our morning runs for a very long time. And Little Lizzie will be in my heart forever.