Our dearest Lilly. Our hearts are broken. We could have never imagined life without you, but now you have crossed the rainbow bridge. The pain of losing you is almost unbearable. Two weeks ago you were strutting your stuff with your ears “a flappin” on a walk, and a week later you were gone. CANCER SUCKS!!!
We are so thankful for so many beautiful memories. You were the most sweetest soul ever. Never a mean bone in your body ( maybe except for your yearly check-ups. The docs probably deserved it!). You always wore your Dallas Cowboys and Alabama bandanas with such pride. I’m sure your daddy had nothing to do with it..lol. And every time that I hear the song “Sweet Lady (Lilly) of Waiahole I will smile and think of you!
The minute that we adopted you ,I saw your beautiful brown eyes and knew you would be our forever girl.
Thanks for all of the joy. You will be in our hearts and dreams FOREVER!
Love and miss you always,
Your, Mommy, daddy, and furry brothers and sisters