12 years & 3 months ago, I went to the shelter looking for a big black farm dog. I came home with a 4- month old pup with a snow-white coat & blue eyes. He was the one whose eyes never left me as I looked at & walked other dogs. Every time I looked at him, his eyes were focused on me. That’s how it’s been ever since. I belonged to him from the moment he picked me. He was a beauty, stopping traffic many times when we walked along the road. He was also my protector, quietly placing himself between me & anyone that he didn’t know well. He was so smart he figured out how to open the front door; so gentle & obedient that he would let me take meat from his mouth. Kodiak loved to lay in the snow in the winter, & swim in the pond anytime. I think he loved the farm almost as much as he loved me. Even when it became difficult for him to sit down & stand up, he still followed me from room to room, upstairs & down, always his eyes on me. When he slept on his bed at my feet, he would open his eyes & look at me for several seconds everytime he turned or stretched, even if he had to look over his shoulder to do it. Always, his beautiful blue eyes on me. O Kodi my Kodi, how lucky I am you picked me.