Kazie Cat came into my life in July 1995 as a tiny kitten. My neighbor didn’t want her, so I took her. Within a year she took over the household of three goldens, a Sheltie mix, and five other cats. And me. She would sleep like this on all the dogs, even Taz Duh Golden, who was afraid of cats! She died at the age of 10 from what is believed an embolism. I brought a new cat, a tuxedo into the house and she did not like him at all. Several days later she was still hissing at him and during one episode, she started panting and running as to find a place to hide. Within 15 minutes she died. She died at home, on a Friday night. Her vet suspected an embolism.
Crissie, aka Carmylie Talkin’ a Blue Streak TD. My bi blue would usually only bark when one of the golden girls tried to steal food off the counter, table, or stove. Since Crissie was raised with goldens she was golden-friendly and not Sheltie-reserved. She drew the line when it came to water. Swimming? No way! Mud puddles? Forget it! Crissie get her white feet dirty? Unthinkable! She was carried over so many puddles over the years but, she loved to walk in the rain! Go figure. Oh, Crissie you were such a love and I miss so much! Baby girl you were one in a million!