After I lost my fourth golden, Jamie, to cancer on 9/15/14, I made myself promise there would be No. More. Goldens….Riiight! That promise lasted only a few days as I felt so horribly empty inside, it was a new and uncomfortable feeling. For the first time in 25 years I was goldenless. Even my 12 yo Sheltie, Crissie felt Jamie’s absence as she would go from room to room looking for her BFF. A friend said she had a 16-month-old male who was looking for a home. Two things she told me….1. All he wants is his belly rubbed and 2. He was a love. Was she ever right on both counts!! So in less than a week, Seth came into our lives. Within three days I started the enrollment process for the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. He had his first exam in Dec 2014 and I received an email in Jan 2015 that Seth was enrolled! He was now Seth, Hero #2614! Seth was the perfect younger brother to 12-year-old Crissie. my bi blue Sheltie and they soon became inseparable! They were so much alike as both were extremely laid back and they rarely barked even when the doorbell rang! (Yup, I had quiet Sheltie!!!) and they both were love sponges. Sadly, Crissie had to be PTS in Sept 2016 due to bladder large stones and possible bladder cancer. She was 14.5 years old. As I looked at all the photos on this Wall, I realized I knew many of them….and the tears came with each golden. This breed leaves such a mark on our hearts and for this beautiful loving breed to have so much cancer is so cruel. Those of us who have Heros in the study are confident that not only the reason for so much cancer, but also how to prevent this disease and ultimately, a cure cancer. This study will help not only goldens, but all breeds and ultimately us, too. I’m positive this study will be of immense help and will put a new meaning to Man’s Best Friend! All because of 3000 Golden Heros! Thank you Morris Animal Foundation for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. I’m so proud of Seth and all the goldens in this monumental study!