While you came into my life unexpectedly, I fell in love with you on sight, and knew right away you were my kitty. You at the same time decided I was your human, and that was that. We were meant to be together.
Throughout the next 13 ½ years, you were with me through it all, a constant companion. Your presence always lifted my spirits, and you never failed to bring me joy, comfort, companionship, and warmth. You were a big, sweet kitty that never grew out of your kitten mew.
You loved everyone and gladly accepted pets from everyone. You brought smiles to a lot of people, even if you were present in their life for only a moment.
Though 13 ½ years wasn’t nearly long enough to spend with you, I feel blessed for the time we did have together. While you are no longer by my side, you are forever in my heart, and I am forever grateful for the time we were able to spend together.