Jack was one of those dogs that unexpectedly fell into Susie’s lap and then worked his way into my heart and whom I made The Promise to.
I fell in love with Deedle because he put up with me tussling his ears and putting up with my scribble scrabble love. We marine crawl played, tossed his boney around ajigga, took car rides, took exciting block walks, snuck chicken snacks, encouraged bad behavior, and spent time with the most important people in his life doing our favorite group activity, camping.
When I would visit, I became the immediate lap to lay in and when twitched to get continuous tummy rubs and gave me the side eye while in his rufferee shirt, I knew he was comfy and that we were bonded.
In honor of our Deedley Doodley Doo, I support the various canine kidney disease research projects funded by the Morris Animal Foundation. I love you Jack.