One year yesterday, Jan 25, 2019 at 1:30pm., we lost you. Although we only had you since Aug, 2018, we loved you dearly. From the moment we met you, we fell in love with you. When we brought you home, we were in bliss. There were so many beautiful qualities about you. Your love of life and the way you would wag the lower part of your body every time we were together was something we had never seen. I remember the long walks around the neighborhood with you, and how loving you were of all the other dogs. Seeing you play with patches and all your friends was such a joy. You were so graceful when you walked around or when jumping off the couch or bed. You would fly through the air like a little bird, and you would land with the grace of a swan.

Mom and Dad tried to save you after you were hurt. Unfortunately, we have surgery because of your heart. Our little princess, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t have done to save you. We held on to all the memories of you like we did with Shotzie. Although God brought you home and you are now with Shotzie, like with Shotzie, we will love you though eternity. We will always be together through the grace of our did lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you our dear Ella for all the love and happiness you brought into our lives! We love you dearly, Ella. Mom, Dad. Chrissy, Sammy, E & GG