Dusty was our first cat and once pulled a piece of chicken out of a boiling pot of water. He was the big brother to Razzi and Minnie and they loved him.
Razzi was abandoned so we took him in and he would chew through every collar we put on him, so he finally ended up with a light weight chain dog collar and you could hear him coming because his tags and chain made noise.
Minnie was our first female cat, and she was my girl. She loved sitting on my lap and slept on my feet every night. She loved to play in empty laundry baskets and seemed to know when the clothes were being washed. Even though her last few months were tough for her, she lived to be 20.
Calvin was one of the most lovable cats you could ever want. He loved my wife and when he was little he would get up on the table where she was tole painting and loved to get a Q-Tip and run off with it. He loved being outdoors and sitting on my wife’s lap to watch TV. He was the first of two cats we’ve had over the years to develop an osteosarcoma in his mandible, he lived to be 16.
We miss all our cats very much and maybe someday we’ll have another pet, but for now we have the memories and photographs of them and hope that they are together at the Rainbow Bridge having a great time with each other.
Thank you MAF for allowing us this opportunity to remember our pets, who were really our family.