Cooper was a member of a Crowder College veterinary technology instructor’s family. He was also an honorary employee of the Vet. Tech. Dept. Our entire college family was heartbroken with his passing since Cooper brought joy to everyone he met. He is especially missed by our Vet. Tech. instructor and her husband since he was such an important part of their life. Below I have included a few thoughts from Cooper’s mom in a school wide email that best sums up his life.
A great dog teaches some of the best life lessons, and Cooper loved his job at Crowder. These are a few of his qualities that we could all learn from him.
1. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride! Every day he was waiting at his Jeep door insisting on coming to school. He would bump his head against the window about 2 miles out from school to hang his head out the window and smile. Coming to school was a joy ride!
2. When you put on your name badge, you have a purpose!! He had a Ag Ambassador name badge and when you put it on him, he stood taller and knew he had a job to go do! Allow hundreds of kids to pet him and he was always game!
3. Delight in the simple joy of a long walk! A quick trip across campus became a multiple stop event for him visiting his people! If I stopped to talk too long somewhere he would leave me and go to HIS next favorite stop.
4. Never pass up the opportunity for treats! On these visits, his treat consumption from his people would average 10-15! Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit with people and have a treat!
5. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by , and nuzzle them gently! This was his best quality and had an uncanny ability to find someone who quietly needed to pet him to relieve some stress and anxiety. Countless stories from students and employees who have shared the same encounter with him have been shared. We need to be on the same lookout for those opportunities.