After landing on the best doorstep a pet could ask for, Charlotte made it her mission to spread love and be loved. She supported her humans in their game nights from the comfort of her trusty box, happily ate any leftover egg sandwiches, and was always eager to serve as an ankle warmer, whether you were cold or not! She always wanted to be around humans, even the vet—yet she wasn’t a big fan of the ride to get there. She was also a baby at heart and wanted to be held like one too. She loved tummy rubs, but her stomach didn’t always agree with her (or us)! She taught her confused canine sister how to cuddle, and though she sometimes argued with her other feline siblings, they were happy to have her around. She loved her family and we are heartbroken that she had to leave so suddenly. She was an awesome and sweet cat—she will be missed, but never forgotten.