The most beautiful cat ever
I found Apolo 6 years ago, in the middle of the street without forces to reach the sidewalk. His left eye was hanging on his face. I rushed him to the vet clinic where he was operated; bones in his skul were broken. After 17 days in the ICU, he finally recovered and came home with me. He was my cat #24 and at that time the house was full of cats, probably around 12. He was so seeet and loving, he seduced everybody who came to the house. He would come on top of me and knock on my forehead with his forehead, and would sleep all night on my arm, as if he were a person. I could not imagine life without him, and then, suddenly, last July he was diagnosed with FIP, an unimaginable disease in an apartment where cats cannot reach the street. He died on July 26, leaving me in terrible pain.